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Short term lease agreement





A security deposit can be given either by cheque at your arrival (for French banks only) or by bank transfer a week before arrival. The amount of the security deposit is 2500 Euros. It guarantees the payment of the telephone costs if necessary, of the breakage and the eventual damages. The amount will be returned to the tenant after payment of these fees. The claims relating to the restoration of the rented premises, damage or breakage and payment of fees will be done before the expiry of the period of 2 weeks and if estimations are required - 1 month. After this period, no sum will be claimed from the tenant.


- The lessee undertakes to take the places as it exists at the date of check-in. Furniture and movable objects which, on the date of check-out date, are missing or have been damaged, for any reason other than normal wear and tear, shall be paid or replaced by the Lessee with the consent of the Owner or his representative. This clause also applies to paper, drapes and the building in general.

- The interiors of the house are insured in case of theft, attempted theft, and vandalism only if these are committed by forced entry or aggravated assault when the house is unoccupied, it is stipulated that in theft, attempted theft or vandalism without forced entry or aggravated assault, the missing or unclaimed objects must be reimbursed by the lessee.

- The rental includes linen (bed linen, bathroom and swimming pool towels) and shall be refunds in the case of loss or irremediable damage.

- No parties or events shall take place without the owner prior agreement. If guests are found to have had a party without host permission which results in extra cleaning, guests will be responsible for extra cleaning charges and in the unfortunate event of the disruptions alerting neighbours, guests will be asked to vacate immediately.


- If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be engaged, and guests will be asked to vacate immediately.

  • This is a family-oriented home, however children and infants must be under active supervision by a parent or guardian, at all times. All responsibility and duty of care for them must be provided by you, including their equipment and needs.

  • For fire prevention safety and ecological responsibility - please do not leave any electrical appliances switched on when they are not in use, or when you are leaving for the day. This includes air conditioners, fans, shower geysers, hair straighteners and portable device chargers. 

- Please do not rearrange our furniture, the extra manipulations of furniture after your departure will bear charges taken on your security deposit.

- There shall not be smoking inside the home. Extra cleaning fees to remove odour and stains may be applied.

- It will be perfectly clean on your arrival, and I ask that you leave it neat for the team to prepare the arrival of the next guests and free of rubbish on your departure; for if a greater cleaning service is required, then an extra fee will be charged.

  • We provide the arrival supplies of tea/coffee/toilet paper.

  • We can arrange for bakeries and/or groceries baskets from your local produce or delicatessen. Please check in the extra charges options on the reservation check-out page.

  • In July and August, in respect and awareness of the lack of water, bed sheets and pillows will be changed once a week within the 4 hours of offered cleaning. Any further cleaning requests or necessities will bear additional fees.

- Please let us know immediately if something is malfunctioning so it can be rectified.



It is stated that the alarm in place complies with current standards of security. Notice of use and/or explanation is given to the tenant who accepts and validates the perfect functioning, relieving landlords and agents of any responsibility in the event of an incident. Any damage or missing items from the swimming pool will be the charge of the tenant, as the house is their responsibility during their stay.

The swimming pool will be closed from October to the end of April.



The lessee will be required to ensure the validity of his contract of "personal liability insurance", and to share it at the request of the owners or their representative.



We are happy to welcome your pets, if you can make sure they are not climbing on bed, sofa, cushions and that carpets are kept clean. Any damage or stains or extra cleaning necessary (sofa/bed) will incur additional cleaning charges hold from the security deposit.

If you prefer to have a signed agreement so you, just. let me know and I will send you our short term holiday rental contract.



30% advance of your rental fees (including cleaning charges) to secure booking of your stay.

Balance of the rental fees 2 months prior to arrival date.

Refund of 100% of the deposit for cancellations made within 48 hours after booking, if the check-in date is at least 2 months away.

No refunds for cancellations after this delay.

Security deposit by bank transfer, 1-week minimum prior to your arrival, refunded within 2 weeks of departure for time for proper inspections of estimations done for eventual repairs.

Thanks for submitting!