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La Vie en Rose is my family home,

situated In the heart of the old French quarters.


It ‘s a walking distance from La Promenade (seafront),  cafes and restaurants, boutiques, Nôtre Dame des Anges, the ashram of Sri Aurobindo. 

It was the winter base of my parents and the nest of their arts and interiors treasures gathered in India.

A quiet paradise to withdraw and an opportunity to experience the French flavour of Pondicherry.

Are you ready to book in and enjoy a lovely break in La Vie en Rose?


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First floor



As your host, we aim to make your stay as comfortable as it can possibly be! 

Our mission is to help our guests create beautiful family memories in our cosy home. 

 For us to do so, we would truly appreciate it if you can follow these house rules and confirm that is has been reviewed WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR BOOKING. 

 This is to ensure that if there is any reason the House Rules cannot be followed, you, our guest, will have the option of cancelling the booking penalty-free as we have a Strict Cancellation Policy. 

 Thank you in advance and truly appreciate your cooperation!
 - No shoes within the house on the first floor.
 - Be considerate with the noise levels particularly after 10 pm.
 - There shall not be smoking inside the home. Extra cleaning fees to remove odour and stains may be applied.
- We change bed sheets and pillows once a week.

 - In case you are using the Kitchen, Please wash your dishes after use. If food smell and small leftover are left in the kitchen overnight you will attract squirrels and mouse from the neighbouring roofs.
 - We provide the arrival supplies of tea/coffee/toilet paper/soap/shampoos. However, as you know on Airbnb you will need to provide your own supplies.
- Parking is a bit of an issue because of the public office PWO in our street, however, you can park in Suffren street if the front of the house is busy, and after 5 pm move your car next to our entrance. We have been promised that the offices are moving out of town!
 - Please do not rearrange our furniture.
- This is a family-oriented home, however children and infants must be under active supervision by a parent or guardian, at all times. All responsibility and duty of care for them must be provided by you, including their personal equipment and needs.
 - If guests are found to have had a party without host permission which results in extra cleaning, guests will be responsible for extra cleaning charges and in the unfortunate event of the disruptions alerting neighbours, guests will be asked to vacate immediately. 
 - If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be engaged, and guests will be asked to vacate immediately. 
 - Please let us know immediately if something is malfunctioning so it can be rectified. However, all damages or missing items will need to be paid for by you before departure. 
 - It will be very clean on your arrival, and I ask that you leave it neat and free of rubbish on your departure; for if a greater cleaning service is required, then an extra fee will be charged.
- For fire prevention safety and ecological responsibility - please do not leave any electrical appliances switched on when they are not in use, or when you are leaving for the day. This includes air conditioners, fans, shower geysers, hair straighteners and portable device chargers. 
Lastly, because this is an Airbnb community not a hotel, and my home when I travel back to India, please be respectful of tour home and keep it clean before you leave, enjoy it and cherish it as yours. 

If you have read it this far, THANK YOU for being a SUPER GUEST! 

 Please reply with your confirmation so that I know that the house rules have been review.