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Bespoke Guide

To do - at Home



Cup of Coffee

@ home

Soon 2 delicious options of breakfast that give you all the energy you need for a delicious day of wondering and relaxation.
Beautiful South Indian massage, for both women and gents from the privacy of your bedroom - Indian oil 

Massages@ home

Learn Cooking

Cooking lesson with the most amazing Shyama - Pondicherry cuisine chef.

Cooking  secrets

Tye a SARI@



Jasmin Garland

Make a Jasmnin Garland

Do you want to learn how to wear a Sari, including customised blouse from our private tailoring  master?
Learn how to knot Jasmin flowers to make a garland, and honour the goddess in you!

My favorite Restaurants

We celebrate all special dinners on the white corner sofa of La Villa, and they are all beautiful memories, the staff is adorable.
For impatient appetites and traditional Indian food; North Indian also available if you are missing cheese Naans...
The BEST pizzas in South India - scroll down the restaurant page to spot the Pondicherry phone number for home delivery ... or go to Auroville to enjoy them immediately after the earth oven!
A perfect late breakfast, or Healthy lunch - an incredible bread cooked across the road - on order - and delicious melting chocolates - a treat!
The sorbets will explode in your mouth & frazzle your taste buds forever. 
My preferred flavour is Pomegranate .... just he thought of it!
La Villa
Tanto Pizzeria
Bread & Chocolate

If you are a morning bird

La Promenade
Only one block away from home, I didn't enjoy it often for sunrise, but we went in the evening and at night after dinner, always a delightful walk.
Yoga lessons
Learn yoga from yoga teachers with over 35 yrs of experience.


Speak: English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi.


Weight Reduction, Heart-related health issues, Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Stress Management.
Goubert Market
From the fish market to the garlands of flowers, from one end to another, the entire market is an unbelievable experience, you must go as early as you can, off course!
Indian coffee house
Indian coffee house
The spot to walk and have dosas with South Indian coffee after your Morning marking walk, the Goubert Market stroll. Right next to the corner Gandhi/Nehru Street.


If you new La Maison Rose, you will find part of the collection at home, if you didn't know it, you will discover the few styles available.
Studio on Site.
La Maison Rose by
Agathe Lazaro
Sri Aurobindo Handmade paper
Most beautiful marble paper,
can be purchased from factory.
One of the most exquisite Rose Oil.
I personally adore the Rose water for a morning dew.... 
Cluny Sister
An absolute must if you love textiles & needle work. Sister Thérèse ool and the work is still of incredible quality.
It is set in one of the most beautiful house of Pondicherry.


Intach Pondicherry
A long walk for a deep and true insight of the Architecture beauties left in Pondy
Spiritual or not,  going to the Matri Mandir is an emotional & physical experience. My 3 jungly boys adore it. Booking is a bit tedious but well worth it. Going to the Auroville center is a shopping and foody experience, you won't waste your time.

Other links

The ultimate contemporary shopping indian experience .... be ready for extreme.
Professionals diving and Padi's instructors for a discovery of Bay of Bengal's marine life and corals.
Auroville spa on the beach, many types of therapies, but if you have tried Watsu, check it up!!

Magazine's articles

Interesting selection of places to discover Pondi-Auroville with a better insider view.
Articles from Olympia, wider range of subjects
A melting pot of infos
The even calendar if you want to go to Auroville and escape the chaos of Pondi town

Going South

- a stop at Chidambaram temple at the time of the Puja.
- Try to stay or have a tea Tranquebar a Danish colony, stay at one of the hotel of the Neemrana group, that you might already know.
- go to Karaikudi, shop the best south India (wholesell for all Pondi interiors shops), and stay in one of the unbelievable palaces of the Chettinad
or at Bernard and Michel, at their magnificent restored palace 
Rajjakad, up hill, a private home I enjoyed thoroughly when taking part of its revamp and transformation into a home stay.
It is a magnificent stay and Francis is a dear friend and classic Eccentric English Gardener

Going up the Hills

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